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What is CUVS?

What is Cornell University Veterinary Specialists (CUVS)?

Cornell University SkylineA New Type of Veterinary Center

As the largest university-affiliated veterinary referral center in the country, Cornell University Veterinary Specialists redefines the delivery of veterinary specialty and emergency medicine by bringing together the best of specialty private practice with the best of academia to benefit pets, owners, and the profession. We provide exceptional medical care by integrating the latest medical and scientific advances with personalized, collaborative and efficient service. We are purely a referral and emergency center and do not offer general practice. We are here to assist our referring veterinarians, not to compete with them.


Our veterinarians are experienced and renowned in their fields, widely published, and sought-after as lecturers. While many have spent some part of their career in academia, they are focused on clinical practice. As such, they bring tremendous expertise together with a sound clinical perspective and an appreciation for the importance of collaboration – with referring veterinarians and with other specialists.

World-Class Care – 24/7

We are open and specialist-staffed, 7 days a week. Our ICU and Emergency Service are run by board-certified critical care specialists, offering not only after-hours availability, but unparalleled Emergency and Critical Care expertise.

The CUVS Difference

We differ from other veterinary centers in that we are mission-driven and university-affiliated. Our mission is to provide the most sophisticated and compassionate patient care to our clients, to contribute to the advancement of companion animal medicine and to contribute to our community. As the largest university-affiliated veterinary referral center in the country, our aim is to combine the most advanced medical procedures with a service-oriented, efficient, and sustainable practice model. Our hospital is integrated with the diagnostic and research programs of Cornell’s leading College of Veterinary Medicine, and all net revenue from CUVS supports Cornell’s educational and discovery missions.

The Cornell Connection

We are wholly owned by Cornell University, and under the direction of the Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine. While we have a separate facility, staff, and infrastructure, we are closely affiliated with the College, collaborating on clinical cases, student training, and continuing education. CUVS extends the reach of the College of Veterinary Medicine in the areas of teaching, community outreach, clinical research and development.

Lifelong Learning

We are affiliated with one of the world’s leading academic institutions, and are committed to a culture of lifelong learning and teaching. We provide an environment in which rotating veterinary students and residents can observe and experience high quality practice encompassing a diverse caseload. We are also actively engaged in the continuing education of veterinarians, technicians, and the pet-owning public. However, patient care and client service at CUVS is solely provided by experienced specialists and emergency doctors; visiting students observe at CUVS, but medical care is provided directly by CUVS specialists.

Clinical Research

CUVS actively works with Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine to store genetic material from patients in the Cornell Veterinary Biobank (CVB). The CVB currently contains DNA samples from over 18,700 patients representing a wide variety of animals and over 190 diseases of interest, many of which affect humans as well. These archived samples are paired with information from the patients' history and medical records, and can be used by researchers who work to discover the genetic basis of disease. For more information, view our brochure or check out the Cornell Veterinary Biobank site.

Partnering with Owners & Primary Care Veterinarians

Our medical team is dedicated to partnering with owners and referring veterinarians, and we truly believe that we all do better when we work together. We serve as an extension of referring practices – offering consultation when needed, treating clients with authentic compassion and respect, and proactively communicating at every step. We have made every effort to put systems in place to facilitate open access. All of our laboratory results and diagnostic images are available to owners and veterinarians via our website, and referring veterinarians can reach our Emergency Service directly 24-7. Moreover, we invite your participation – to visit, to join our CE events for both owners and clinicians, and to offer input on how we might better serve our community.


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