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Veterinary Students – Clinical Externships

Providing veterinary students with an intense and meaningful educational experience is one of the essential missions of CUVS. CUVS offers clinical externships for veterinary students from Cornell University and from other veterinary schools nationally and internationally. This externship provides students with exposure to leading specialists and a diverse caseload within a facility that combines cutting edge medicine, excellent service and efficiency, and a culture of learning. Onsite housing is available. To apply for and schedule an externship, please complete the CUVS Externship Application and send it to our Office Coordinator at

Veterinary Technician Students

The role of the Veterinary Technician is a critical one, and enhancing the training of Veterinary Technicians in our community is part of the CUVS mission. CUVS partners with many Veterinary Technology colleges to provide clinical externships, lectures and lab training for their technician programs. If you are in a Veterinary Technology program, and are interested in an externship at CUVS, please arrange through your program.


We receive many inquiries regarding volunteer opportunities. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate volunteers at this time. We encourage anyone who is interested in volunteer work with animals to contact their local shelter. These shelters are always in need of assistance from animal lovers.



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