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Referring Veterinarians

At CUVS, we consider primary care veterinarians to be our partners. No one knows your clients and patients better than you do. The best way to provide them with the best possible care is by working together - sharing information, opinions and concerns. At CUVS, ongoing communication with you is as important as our state-of-the-art resources. We invite your ongoing input, suggestions, and constructive criticism to help us better serve your patients and clients.

  • Our specialists are always available for consultation or referral.

  • Our Director of Clinical Operations, along with our Client Services Supervisor, serve as your dedicated referral services team.

  • Clinical liaisons expedite the specialty referral process.

  • For Emergency-Critical Care referrals, you can reach a doctor or technician 24 hours a day on our dedicated doctors’ hotline.

  • Fax or email? Our communications are tailored to your individual preference.

  • Our Partner Portal gives you 24/7 internet access to your patient’s medical records.

Recent Partner Updates

To keep our partners updated, and the lines of communication open, we send out regular updates on our educational events, service offerings, and specialists. If you do not currently receive our fax and/or email updates, please contact our Office Coordinator at 203.595.2747 or

July, 2017
Adding ER Doctors to Better Serve Your Patients
June, 2017
Canine Lymphoma
May, 2017
April, 2017
Canine Cataract
February, 2017
Introducing Dr. Elizabeth Falk
August, 2016
Introducing Dr. Juliette Hart
June, 2016
Introducing Dr. Anusha Balakrishnan
March, 2016
Corneal Ulcers
February, 2016
You Work Saturdays? So Do We!
February, 2016
Throw Me a Bone
November, 2015
Nasal Diseases
November, 2015
September, 2015
Dentistry & Oral Surgery
July, 2015
Amphetamine Toxicity
June, 2015
The Puppy Murmur
May, 2015
Canine Influenza Outbreak
March, 2015
Ophthalmology Returns to CUVS
February, 2015
Introducing Joe Bartges, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (SAIM,) DACVN
February, 2015
Wound Management Update: Vacuum Assisted Closure (VAC)
January, 2015
Introducing Lauren Frank, DVM, CVA, CCRT, CVCH
December, 2014
CLINICAL TRIAL: Canine Osteoarthritis
November, 2014
Jill DiFazio Joins CUVS' Critical Care Team
November, 2014
CUVS' Annual CE Conference
September, 2014
Full-time Oncology at CUVS
September, 2014
Ectopic Ureters: Endoscopic Repair
August, 2014
Dr. Adrienne Bentley joins Surgery Department
August, 2014
Clinical Trial: Canine Cruciate Surgery
July, 2014
Tracheal Stents for the Management of Severe Collapsing Trachea
June, 2014
Dr. Justin Carlson joins Cardiology Department
March, 2014
Clinical Study: Dogs with Hemoabdomen
January, 2014
Arthroscopy: Advanced treatment of joint diseases
December, 2013
Cardiology at CUVS
October, 2013
CUVS' Annual CE Conference
July, 2013
Surgical Oncology: Many Options for Thoracic Neoplasia
May, 2013
Urinary Incontinence: Innovative Treatment Options
February, 2013
Interactive Ophthalmology Consults
January, 2013
Laser Lithotripsy and Other Options
October, 2012
Emergency-Critical Care Department Expertise
October, 2012
Cornell Nutritionist Dr. Joseph Wakshlag At CUVS

October, 2012
CUVS' Annual CE Conference

August, 2012
Dr. Megan Morgan joins Internal Medicine Dept.

July, 2012
PennHIP now offered at CUVS


June, 2012
Dr. Oliver Morgan joins Surgery Department
June, 2012
Dr. Elisa Mazzaferro joins
Emergency-Critical Care Department


We are committed to being your partner in excellence.



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