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Cornell University Veterinary Specialists is among a small number of animal hospitals in the country that offers comprehensive nutrition services by a board-certified specialist in veterinary nutrition. Our nutritionist, together with colleagues at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, provide consultation for our hospital patients as well as nutrition consultations and counseling for pet owners in our region and around the country.

We are dedicated to ensuring that each of our patients receives an optimal diet to facilitate recovery and healing, and work with other specialists at CUVS to ensure that each pet receives the most complete and comprehensive care. We also work with pet owners to create home diet plans to promote wellness and help prevent or treat disease.

Services Include
  • Nutritional support in disease states. Consultation in dietary selection and feeding practices for dogs and cats with specific diseases in which nutritional intervention plays a role in disease management. Such diseases include:
  • - Gastrointestinal disease
    - Dietary hypersensitivities
    - Kidney disease (kidney failure, protein-losing nephropathy)
    - Urolithiasis (kidney or bladder stones)
    - Neoplasia (cancer)
    - Diabetes mellitus
    - Osteoarthritis
    - Dental health
    - Critically ill
  • Formulation of balanced home-prepared diets. Home-prepared diets can be formulated using food from your kitchen, and individualized to help your pet maintain a healthy weight and manage chronic disease.
  • Life stage feeding. Counseling in dietary selection and feeding practices for cats and dogs during life stages such as growth, gestation and lactation, as well as large breed or geriatric pets.
  • Weight management program. We can assist in structuring an appropriate weight management program for your pet. We can also incorporate a structured exercise program via coordination with our Physical Rehabilitation & Acupuncture Center.
  • Specialty. Parenteral nutrition or enteral tube feeding diet formulations for veterinarians.


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To make a referral or to schedule a consultation with our nutritionist, please call
Cornell University Veterinary Specialists at 203.595.2777.


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