Hand and paw make heart

During this very fluid and scary time, we wanted to assure you of one constant: Our priority is to provide the very best care to the patients that need us, 24/7. To do this, we need to keep our doctors and staff healthy. To this end, we have had to change the check-in procedures for both emergency and specialty services:

We will do everything we are able to make your visit as smooth and as stress-free as possible. But please understand that these are uncharted waters for all and we are trying to stay open and safe; bear with us. You can always contact us if you have any questions: 203-595-2777 or by email,

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CUVS is certified by the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (VECCS) as the highest level facility in veterinary trauma, emergency and critical care. We have 3 board-certified critical care specialists and 24/7 state-of-the-art Emergency and ICU care.

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