Jennifer Zambriski

Dr. Jennifer Zambriski

Jennifer Zambriski, DVM, PhD

Emergency & Critical Care Resident

Dr. Zambriski is a clinical veterinarian and an infectious disease epidemiologist. She holds a DVM from Tufts University and a PhD from Cornell University. She has served as a faculty member in the College of Veterinary Medicine at both Washington State University and Virginia Tech, teaching epidemiology and instructing students in clinical emergency medicine. Dr. Zambriski is an accomplished infectious disease researcher. She has studied tuberculosis in elephants in Nepal, Nipah virus in Malaysian fruit bats, and goat brucellosis (Malta fever) in Peru. Most notably, her research has been instrumental in the development of new medications to treat infectious diarrhea afflicting children living in developing countries. This work has been published in the journal, Nature.

Dr. Zambriski joined CUVS to pursue a specialty residency in Emergency & Critical Care. Since graduating from veterinary school, she has aspired to become specialized in this field, to expand the depth of her knowledge and to provide the best care possible to her patients. Dr. Zambriski understands that no one plans a trip to the ER; through direct and clear communication she strives to offer expertise, support and empathy so that we can together focus on excellent care and effective treatment.

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