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Want to check out where CUVS has been and what we are doing, locally and nationally? Below is a selection of some of our activities.


CT Scanner

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging
CUVS installs new CT scanner! This 128-slice CT scanner is the most advanced in the region. Most CT scanners used in veterinary medicine are 4-slice or 16-slice. The slice number refers to the number of detectors that are used to make images of the patient each time the gantry of the CT machine turns. So, our new machine creates 128 images of the patient every time the gantry completes a full rotation.
What does this mean for our patients? It means quicker, safer and more accurate scans. Fewer gantry rotations means shorter scan times and reduced motion artefact. As such, we can perform many scans under sedation rather than general anesthesia, the patient has less radiation exposure, and the quality of the diagnostic scans is improved. Advanced technology also enables our staff radiologist, Dr. Seller, Dr. Tarbell and other specialists to review and manipulate CT images in real time as the scan happens, so that the medical team can make immediate decisions treatment decisions. Three-dimensional models can be produced and displayed in our surgery
or dentistry suites to help our specialists visualize the entire area of interest during the procedure.

Dr. Mazzaferro at Westminster

National news highlights Cornell veterinarians at the 144th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show...


At Westminster Dog: Top Dogs, Top Docs                                  by Jan Hoffman


Cornell Veterinarians Return To Westminster Dog Show         by Melanie Greaver Cordova


Cover of Scopes Magazine with feature on Cornell University Veterinary Specialists

'Scopes Magazine - Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine (Summer edition)

Dedicated Culture, Advanced Medicine: How CUVS Keeps Up the Success

Veterinary Specialist and CMO Dr. Susan Hackner

Fairfield County Business Journal - Sept 2018

Suite Talk: Dr. Susan Hackner at CUVS

Dr. Morgan

Serendipity Magazine - August 2018

Best Health Section

Dr. Mazzaferro with patient

Stamford Advocate - June 2018

Vets Warn of Dog Flu


JAVMA (Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association) - Feb 2018

When Fire Strikes Home

Mazz - Jan 2018

Fish Skin Could Help Heal Burn Wounds

Dr. Thalheim

Stamford Magazine - Jan/Feb 2018

Just Like Family

Roar Ad

February 2017

ROAR with Laughter Event

Max Can See

November 2016

Max can See!

Clancys Cure

November 2016

Clancys Cure

Lana and Foxy

September 2016

Lana & Foxy Emergency Reception Area Dedication

Freud and Zoe

June 2016

Freud & Zoe Memorial Examination Room Dedication

Stamford Award

July 2016

CUVS Awarded “Best of Stamford” Award

16 Roar event

February 2016

ROAR with Laughter Event

Puttin' on the Dog Day

September 2015

CUVS Sponsors Adopt-A-Dog’s Annual “Puttin on the Dog” Day

ROAR 2016

February 2015

ROAR with Laughter Event

Puttin on the Dog 2014

September 2014

CUVS Sponsors Adopt-A-Dog’s Annual “Puttin on the Dog” Day

Lynch Family

April 2014

Dedication of the Internal Medicine Examination Room by the Lynch Family

Inside View

September 2013

An Inside View into CUVS

Puttin on the Dog 2013

September 2013

CUVS Sponsors Adopt-A-Dog’s Annual “Puttin on the Dog” Day


March 2013

"Teddy's Story" - CUVS Honors “Courageous Companions” for Strength and Survival


CUVS Technology Used to Treat Endangered Galapagos Tortoise

Referring Vet and CUVS team up to use technology normally used for treatment of cats and dogs at CUVS.

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