When it comes to the people on the CUVS team, we set the bar pretty high. It’s an essential part of our mission to deliver unparalleled care and exceptional service.

At CUVS your pet is cared for by some of the top board-certified specialists in the nation, as well as a team of experienced, internship-trained emergency veterinarians. Our clinicians combine cutting-edge knowledge and expertise with a compassionate and collaborative, patient-centered approach.

To become a specialist takes real commitment. To become a specialist at CUVS takes even more. To specialize, veterinarians must undergo extensive post-doctorate training including, at minimum, a one-year internship, three years of intensive residency training in their chosen field, demonstration of meaningful contributions to veterinary science, publication of research findings in scientific journals, and completion of a rigorous, multi-day specialty board exam. Then these veterinarians achieve designation as diplomates of their respective specialty college.

While other practices hire, we select - only those veterinarians whose clinical acumen, dedication and philosophy of care matches our culture. 

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Learn more about the specialists and emergency veterinarians on the CUVS team: 



Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Diagnostic Imaging

Emergency & Critical Care

Internal Medicine

Interventional Radiology & Endoscopy




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CUVS has 4 critical care specialists and 24/7 state-of-the-art care.

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