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Cornell University Veterinary Specialists: Setting a new standard in veterinary specialty care

Cornell University Veterinary Specialists (CUVS) is not your typical specialty and emergency veterinary hospital.

At CUVS, we’re mission-driven. This mission is to redefine specialty and emergency veterinary care by providing the best-possible medical expertise for each patient, along with the best-possible care of the pet’s family through authentic, compassionate communication and service. To discover new treatments that help pets live longer and better lives. To truly transform care – one life at a time.

Can a veterinary practice do all that? We can – and we do.  

CUVS is the only private referral hospital affiliated with the renowned Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, a world leader in veterinary medical care and discovery. This means you and your pet get the best of all worlds: advanced diagnostic and treatment options from a skilled and collaborative team of board-certified specialists and emergency veterinarians, access to the unparalleled resources of Cornell, and the superb personalization and efficiency of a first-class service-oriented practice.

And that’s just the start…

Here, your pet receives exceptional care from uniquely talented people

At CUVS, your pet is cared for by highly qualified specialists who are more than outstanding doctors — they’re truly exceptional people, handpicked for their genuine compassion and unwavering commitment to doing what’s best for each patient and family. Learn more about our people.

Here, your pet benefits from the collaborative expertise of an entire team of specialists

At CUVS, your pet has one-stop access to any and all specialists. That’s important because diseases rarely affect just one body system. To ensure the most comprehensive, effective care, we not only work seamlessly with one another, but also with your primary care veterinarian. Learn more about our specialists.

Here, you and your pet are given all the time and information you need 

Communication is the cornerstone of good medical care, and we spend as much time as necessary to ensure you fully understand every aspect of your pet’s diagnosis and treatment options, so that you can be an active and informed part of the medical team.

Here, treatment is tailored to what best suits your pet and family

Just because we can do everything for your pet at CUVS doesn’t mean we should or we will. Our priority is to educate you about your options, and work with you to make the choice that’s right for your pet, for you and for your family — medically, economically and emotionally.

Here, we partner with our referring veterinarians, not compete with them

As a referral and emergency hospital, we partner with general-practice (primary care) veterinarians in the care of their patients, and provide continuing education and other resources to enhance their professional development as well as our own. Learn more about our education resources.

Here, your pet’s care is driven by mission, not money

At CUVS, we don’t practice medicine to generate money or increase shareholder value. We generate money to practice better medicine by investing in the best people and equipment. Plus, our net revenue supports research and education at the Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine. So, we not only help each pet we treat, but companion animals everywhere benefit from Cornell’s scientific innovation and teaching, which we help fund.

Here, we set a new standard for veterinary care

This means that you and your pet receive an unrivalled level of expert, personalized care, backed by the reputation and resources of Cornell.

See our Mission and Core Values that guide all we do.

Pets are exceptional, and they deserve exceptional care. So do you.

It’s our mission to deliver exactly that.


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