Our People

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Exceptional care

arises from

exceptional people.

Our ethos is simple: you cannot have the best medicine without the best people. So, at CUVS, we take a very different approach to hiring, training and empowering our people. And we promote a culture that brings out the best in everyone.

It starts with doctors who have exceptional training, clinical skills and experience. Our specialists are among the most renowned and respected professionals in their fields.

This high level of professionalism extends to all our staff. For example, Connecticut doesn’t require licensure for veterinary technicians, but we do. Many of our technicians also have advanced specialty certification and hold adjunct positions at veterinary technician schools. We have a career building program and encourage, support and mentor specialty training for technicians.

But it’s not enough to simply have outstanding clinical credentials. Our specialists and staff are selected also for their exceptional people, and pet, skills. We all share a fundamental vision that emphasizes doing what’s best for every pet and their human family. And we’ve chosen people to be part of the CUVS team because of this shared vision and unwavering commitment.

There’s something else you should know. Education is core to our mission, but we are not a teaching hospital. While students spend time observing real-world specialty practice here at CUVS, your pet is always cared for by board-certified specialists or emergency clinicians, not students or interns.  

When your pet is sick, you can trust us to understand what you’re going through because we’ve been there. We get it. And we’re here to help you and your pet through the experience with authentic compassion, respect and kindness — as well as the unparalleled clinical expertise of an entire team of exceptional people.

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