As part of Cornell University, CUVS is committed to a culture of lifelong learning and teaching. Educational outreach is an important part of our mission, and we offer an array of outstanding educational opportunities:

For veterinarians

  • Monthly CE lectures
  • Annual all-day CE event
  • Education to Go: presentations or case rounds by one of our specialists at your practice

For veterinary students

  • Clinical externships of 2-4 weeks’ duration place veterinary students in the clinical department of their choice to closely observe both the practice of outstanding medicine and the compassionate delivery of medical care.

For veterinary specialty residents

  • Veterinary residents from Cornell and other veterinary schools spend time with any of our specialists, embedded in the department, gaining exposure to extraordinary medicine as well as many aspects of care delivery.

For veterinary technicians

  • Regular CE lectures on an array of relevant and practical topics.
  • VTS mentorship: This program, mentored by our veterinary technician specialists (VTSs), prepares technicians for specialty certification. Experienced technicians work at CUVS and are provided with a rich clinical experience as well as guidance and mentorship in logging cases, fulfilling credential requirements and studying for the board examination.

For veterinary technician students

  • Clinical externships: Senior technician students, through their College, have the opportunity to fulfill their senior externship experience at CUVS, working side-by-side with, and closely supervised by, outstanding and experienced technicians and technician specialists.

For pet owners 

  • Educational workshops on topics such as first aid and caring for the geriatric pet.

Please note that visiting veterinary students are intimately embedded in the practice but only to observe, not to practice skills. Medical care is always provided directly by CUVS specialists and experienced emergency doctors.

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