Emergency Information

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The COVID pandemic has brought significant challenges to all. It has certainly affected us, particularly our Emergency Service, and forced us to make some temporary changes in operations that will impact your visit with us. The following information is intended to explain some of this and to let you know what to expect.

Veterinary hospitals throughout the country are seeing an unprecedented increase in caseload. Due to this increased demand, limited services offered at some other regional emergency/specialty hospitals, and our role as a tertiary referral center, our caseload during this period has increased more than 40%.

In an effort to ensure that those pets that require immediate and life-saving care can receive it, we have been forced to implement a system whereby we divert non-critical patients when our Emergency Service is extraordinarily busy. While we never want to deny care to any animal, there are times in which we are forced to focus on those pets that cannot safely wait for care elsewhere without significant risk for serious consequences. We trust you understand. And ask that you call ahead.

We are still maintaining "curbside" appointments, for now. We do understand that you would like to be with your pet for the emergency visit; and we would far prefer that as well. However, there are important factors that necessitate our curbside approach in the short-term, most significantly, we simply do not have the space to accommodate. We are in the midst of renovations and changes that will alleviate this. In the meantime, we will be communicating with you predominantly by phone during your visit. Know that we continue to provide the very best medical care to your pet, and that we will do everything we can to make your visit as smooth and as stress-free as possible – for your pet and for you!

If your pet needs emergency care

Phone: 203-595-2777


  • Please call us. We can help determine if you have a critical emergency and need to come directly in or, if not critical, we can inform you if we are in diversion mode or will be able to give you an idea of the current estimated wait times.

  • Please be sure your cell phone is fully charged to ensure you can communicate effectively with our medical staff.


  • Come to the Emergency entrance, and enter the vestibule. You will need to wear a well-fitted mask/s that covers your nose and mouth.

  • Press the intercom button to inform our team of your arrival. Please let them know if you think your pet is critical or if you need help getting him/her into the building.

  • A triage technician will be with you soon after to evaluate your pet, to ask you a few questions, and to determine whether your pet needs to be brought immediately into our ER.

  • You will be directed to complete registration at an iPad kiosk in the vestibule. This will gather the information we need regarding you and your pet.

  • You can then wait in your car while the emergency team examines your pet.
  • The emergency doctor assigned to your pet will call you on your cell phone, following examination of your pet, for additional medical history and to discuss findings and recommendations.

  • Our medical team will keep you informed and will talk you through next steps, be it discharging your pet to your care or admitting him/her to the hospital.


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