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Our Vets, Techs and Their Pets!
Roza's Story

Roza's Story is best told by her mom, Maria, who is a Veterinary Technician in Cornell University Veterinary Specialists' Emergency and Critical Care service. As roza.rozalita on Instagram, Roza and Maria tell their amazing story from the mountains of Puerto Rico to a loving forever home in Connecticut. 

Roza 1



Sherman - Service Dog in Training
By Laura, CUVS Veterinary Technician, ECC

I became a volunteer 'puppy raiser' for the first time in 2009 and have been in love with the role ever since. As a puppy raiser, I take a future service dog into my home and teach them basic skills, house manners and socialize him/her to everything the world has to offer for the first year and a half of life. My two pet dogs, Manning and Rasha, are dogs I raised as puppies who were released from training and now enjoy life as pets. They serve as great mentors for the puppies I currently work with. The newest member of my lab pack is 15-week old, Sherman, who comes from BluePath Service Dogs. 

2018 Courageous Companions

On Saturday, April 21st, an assortment of cats and dogs, large and small, along with their human families (and even some fur siblings!) gathered together for an emotional reunion and celebration to honor these amazing pets who, against all odds, have come back to health thanks to the doctors and staff here at CUVS.


Our Vets, Techs & Their Pets:
Lex - My Death Row Survivor
By Emily, CUVS Veterinary Technician Assistant (Surgery)

This is Lex, my death row dog survivor. About a month after losing my beloved Pitbull before him, I was scrolling through Facebook and, through Urgent Death Row Dogs of the ACC Shelters in NYC, I found him.


This is Brodie. He’s a year-old lab mix and he’s a very lucky dog! Last year he was rescued from a high kill shelter in Arkansas. At the time, he was just a puppy and was anemic and extremely underweight. CUVS Veterinary Technician Assistant (surgery), Shannon, adopted Brodie through Pack Leaders Rescue of Connecticut in August. “It’s been a journey since we got him, getting him back to health, but he’s a happy boy…. he plays hard and sleeps hard every day.” This photo says it all!




Our Vets, Tech and their Pets!
Remembering Cleo 
by Karen, CUVS Veterinary Technician Assistant, ECC

“Cleo came into my life almost 16 years ago. At the time, I was looking to adopt another cat and had always wanted an orange tabby. I was excited when I found out that my local cat rescue group had a litter of orange tabby kittens for adoption. After applying and getting accepted as a prospective adopter, I headed over to the foster home to select my kitten.

Xavier's Journey

Our Vets, Techs and their Pets!
Xavier's Journey
by Lizzy, CUVS Veterinary Technician, Internal Medicine

“I adopted Xavier from Mount Ida College in 2014. Mount Ida rescues beagles from different laboratory facilities around Massachusetts. The Veterinary Technology program then assigns students a clinical animal to work with and rehabilitate before they are put up for adoption at the end of the year. Well, Xavier was my clinical pet. I picked his name out of a hat for my clinical 1 class and the second I met him I was sold!” says Lizzy.

Tank and Bones

Our Vets, Techs & Their Pets!

The Adventures of Tank and Bones
By Carrie, Veterinary Technician Assistant

My two rescues, Bruce and Tobiano (Toby) sure are an odd couple. They are complete opposites in every way. They both took their time warming up to each other and becoming a family. I lovingly refer to them as “The Adventures of Tank and Bones” on social media.

Bruce and Toby

Bruce is a 5-year old Boston terrier.  


Our Vets, Techs & Their Pets!

The Rescue of Ruby


Our Vets, Techs & Their Pets:
Mica - Forever My Girl

Mica is an 11-year old Lab mix. She was found in Georgia tied to a tree when she was just a year old. She had severe diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) - a serious and life-threatening manifestation of uncontrolled diabetes. She was very sick, weighing just 33 lbs (which is very little for a dog of her breed). She was hospitalized and treated before being transported by her rescue organization to the northeast.

CUVS technician, Ashley, said; “I had lost my previous dog, DaisyMae, not long before Mica presented to my workplace in 2007. DaisyMae was a diabetic and I donated insulin to the rescue for Mica. Her diabetes, however, was not well regulated.”

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