CUVS Cares is a partnership between Cornell University Veterinary Specialists and Cornell’s College of Medicine – to transform the health of animals.

Transforming Animal Health Through Giving

Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine is a top-ranked clinical and medical research center, providing the best possible medical care to our patients, educating the veterinarians and veterinary leaders of tomorrow, and speeding breakthrough discoveries from the laboratory to the pet. At our core is a vision of clinicians and scientists working together, across disciplines, to accomplish these goals and continue providing world-class care to our patients, who are at the heart of our every endeavor.

With Cornell University’s Hospital for Animals (CUHA) in Ithaca, NY and Cornell University Veterinary Specialists (CUVS) in Stamford, CT, we are positioned to greatly expand and accelerate our impact, bringing even more advances in diagnosis, treatment and education.

CUVS Cares underscores the commitment of the doctors and staff of CUVS to this mission. All profits from CUVS support education and discovery at Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Donations and gifts from our clients and colleagues further enhance our impact.

Partner With Us

Private gifts play a vital role in supporting Cornell’s programs and missions. By giving to CUVS Cares you can help provide medical care to our patients, further discovery through science, and provide education for our future veterinarians.

There are currently 2 ways to partner with CUVS through philanthropy:

  • CUVS Cares Patient Assistance Fund - to provide financial support for dogs and cats with good prognoses whose families cannot afford this medical care.
  • CUVS Cares College Collaboration - to support clinical trials and discovery at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, often in collaboration with specialists at CUVS.

Give today.



Provide unparalleled medical care to pets



Put science on the fast track to rapid discoveries by providing leading researchers the resources to do remarkable things

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Provide for the education of veterinarians, veterinary specialists and future leaders



Share knowledge and experience to enhance the global understanding, diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases

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Help owners with financial constraints to provide medical care to their pets

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Enable animals to lead longer and healthier lives

How to Give

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