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The safety and well-being of our teams, you and your pet are our highest priority. We remain vigilant regarding COVID. Curbside procedures and mask policies are outlined below.

Veterinary hospitals throughout the country are seeing an unprecedented increase in caseload. Due to increased demand at our referring general practices, limited services being offered at some other regional emergency and specialty hospitals, and our role as a tertiary referral center, our caseload during this period has increased more than 30%. In addition, veterinary hospitals are universally experiencing some staffing shortages due to the pandemic. As a result, our clinical teams are busier, our client service coordinators are busier, and wait times for appointments are longer than we would like.  In spite of these challenges, we remain committed to providing each and every pet outstanding medical care. We will do everything we can to make your visit as smooth and as stress-free as possible – for your pet and for you! Please understand that we are doing our best to stay safe, and to stay open for the pets that need us. Bear with us.

Covid emergency check in procedure

If your pet needs emergency care

In an effort to ensure that those pets that require immediate and life-saving care can receive it, we have been forced to implement a system whereby we divert non-critical patients when our Emergency Service is extraordinarily busy. While we never want to deny care to any animal, there are times in which we are forced to focus on those pets that cannot safely wait for care elsewhere without significant risk for serious consequences. We trust you understand.


  • Please call us. (203) 595-2777. We can help determine if you have a critical emergency and need to come directly in or, if not critical, we can inform you if we are in diversion mode or will be able to give you an idea of the current estimated wait times.
  • Please be sure your cell phone is fully charged to ensure you can communicate effectively with our medical staff.

Curb-side protocol

  • Come to the Emergency entrance, and enter the vestibule. You will need to wear a well-fitted mask/s that covers your nose and mouth.
  • Press the intercom button to inform our team of your arrival. Please let them know if you think your pet is critical or if you need help getting him/her into the building.
  • A triage technician will be with you soon after to evaluate your pet, to ask you a few questions,  and to determine whether your pet needs to be brought immediately into our ER.
  • You will be directed to complete registration at an iPad kiosk in the vestibule. This will gather the information we need regarding you and your pet.
  • You will be asked to wait in your car while the emergency team examines your pet.
  • The emergency doctor assigned to your pet will call you on your cell phone, following examination of your pet, for additional medical history and to discuss findings and recommendations.
  • Our medical team will keep you informed and will talk you through next steps, be it discharging your pet to your care or admitting him/her to the hospital.
Covid new specialty check in

If you have a specialty appointment


  • If this is your first visit to CUVS, you can register in advance here
  • Withhold food after 10pm the night before your appointment, unless otherwise directed by a veterinarian. Allow free access to water. Fasting is necessary in case we need to perform imaging studies (e.g., ultrasound) or bloodwork. (It is also good for pets that suffer car sickness.)
  • Bring all medications in the original packaging so we can accurately record them. Also, in case your pet stays overnight for any reason. 
    Please arrive 15 minutes early for your scheduled appointment to complete our registration process.
  • Please be sure your cell phone is fully charged to ensure you can communicate effectively with our medical staff.


We require a 3-day notice for cancellations or rescheduling. If you are no longer able to make the appointment, it is very important that you inform us as soon as possible as we have a waitlist of sick pets that could really benefit from being seen if we know you can't make it. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please call us at (203) 595-2777.

Curb-side protocol

  • Please remain in your vehicle with your pet.
  • To let us know you have arrived, reply to our TEXT check-in (sent from 844-222-5011) or, if you do not receive texts, call 203-595-2777. 
  • A team member will call you to review the next steps for your appointment. S/he will ask you to bring your pet into the building. Enter through the main hospital entrance. You will need to wear a well-fitted mask/s that covers your nose and mouth.
  • A member of our clinical team will meet you in the reception area, and take your pet from you.
  • After the doctor evaluates your pet, you will receive a phone call to discuss your concerns, our findings and recommendations, and options.
  • Once any authorized testing or procedures are completed, you will receive a phone call letting you know when your pet is ready to go home.
  • A team member will then bring your pet out to meet you.
  • Following your visit, you will receive an email with home care instructions.


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CUVS is certified by the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (VECCS) as the highest level facility in veterinary trauma, emergency and critical care. We have 3 board-certified critical care specialists and 24/7 state-of-the-art Emergency and ICU care.

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