Impact of Giving

There are many ways to join our mission – through a single gift or a recurring gift, through a naming opportunity at one of our hospitals, or through gift planning in your will.

Meet a few of our grateful and generous families.

Jennifer and Isabella


My relationship with CUVS started when my senior maltese, Zoe, required emergency surgery. The specialists at CUVS saved her life and she went on to live another four, full and happy years. My connection to the doctors and leadership led to an opportunity to be involved as a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council with the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine in Ithaca, NY. I have found, through this experience, that pets being treated at CUVS benefit from the expertise, world class research and best practices in veterinary care that the College embodies. I have confidence in the value of the care made possible by Cornell’s seven hospitals and the biomedical and clinical sciences machine focused on animal and human health. Investing in this work is essential to me. I want Isabella to live a longer, healthier, vivacious life - and extend the lives of other companions if I can. - Jennifer Wade



When Honey, an emaciated yet spirited street dog in the Dominican Republic, came upon an American family who offered her food, she charmed them by first forgoing the treats - and instead rolled over, prizing above all the comfort of a belly rub.

The family, fueled by love at first sight, learned the puppy had no owner, and resolved to get their new pet the very best care.

Arriving home to New York, Honey and her new family bonded with Cornell graduate, Dr. John Pinckney, then Dr. Paul Amerling, and susequently Dr. Marnin Forman, an internal medicine specialist at Cornell University Veterinary Specialists. Years later, when facing Honey’s cancer, the owner focused again on the best medical expertise. At Cornell, that meant meaningful care by Dr. Forman and Dr. Gerald Duhamel. Other CUVS specialists, Dr. Juliette Hart and Dr. Lindsay Thalheim, likewise added value.

In gratitude for the care - and caring – that Honey received, her owner honored the doctors with a donation. It aided collaborative research projects via the Partners in Discovery Fund and Cornell’s development of an app to help clinicians determine appropriate diagnostic tests for tumors.


Calypso and Lyla

Lyla and Calypso

These beautiful Italian greyhounds were the pride and joy for Tom and Celeste. When it came to their health, they turned to Cornell. “We found a partnership with the doctors in making decisions about the next steps. It was more than a transactional relationship.” They relied on Dr. Megan Morgan, CUVS internal medicine specialist, who educated them on the latest information in treatments. This inspired them to invest in further discovery through the Partners in Discovery Fund, which harnesses the power of doctors and researchers in Stamford and Ithaca. “We are so grateful we found a partnership in our dogs' care that was essential in extending the quality and length of their lives.”

Lynch familyLynch family

The Lynch Family

2 Cornell alumni, 4 academic degrees, 5 animals, and 7 Cornell animal hospitals.

It’s not just about numbers for the Lynch family. These numbers represent an ongoing relationship with Cornell that began when Charlie and Elizabeth met as students at Cornell. Dr. Elizabeth Lynch, a Cornell-trained veterinarian specializing in avian species, was pleased when her alma mater opened a specialty veterinary hospital in Stamford, CT, closer to their home. Their animals have been "frequent flyers" and they have come to know the highly-trained doctors and staff. The excellent care their cat Oliver received inspired them to dedicate an exam room in the Hospital to the specialists that cared for Oliver.

In the past, the Lynch family introduced outstanding clinicians working on healthier futures for animals and people by hosting gatherings at their country club for other CUVS clients and friends. “We want everyone to know that Cornell’s breadth and depth of veterinary expertise is in our backyard and that ongoing research collaborations between hospitals is making a difference.”


Kennedy Harrigan Family

Lana and Foxy

Paula Kennedy Harrigan, Bo Harrigan and Annie Harrigan, clients and friends of CUVS, honored the memory of their two beloved dogs, Lana and Foxy. “Lana greeted the world with a smile and a wag, while Foxy came to our home after surviving great adversity. We learned to laugh with them and at ourselves, and to never underestimate the healing power of unconditional love. With gratitude for the care provided by the CUVS family, we dedicated the Lana and Foxy Emergency Reception Area in memory of our devoted friends.”





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