Welcome Emily!

Our Stray Has A Name!

Thank you so much everyone who contributed to giving our little puppy girl a name - all of the suggestions were so creative!

After about a week of voting among our staff, the name we've decided upon is...

A suggestion from one of our staff members, it was so well liked that people have already started calling her Emily - and she seems to like it too! In addition, our little pal seems to be gaining more confidence and moxy every day!

May is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month!

May is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month!

*The cause of cancer in pets, just as with people, is largely unknown, although animals get cancer at about the same rate as humans! In fact, The American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation has noted that 50% of dogs aged 10 or older will be affected by cancer.

Thus, in a continued effort to battle and treat pet cancer, Cornell University Veterinary Specialists is proud to welcome Dr. John Farrelly, a long-standing leader in the field of oncology, to our team!

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