Our Vets, Techs & Their Pets:
Lex - My Death Row Survivor
By Emily, CUVS Veterinary Technician Assistant (Surgery)

This is Lex, my death row dog survivor. About a month after losing my beloved Pitbull before him, I was scrolling through Facebook and, through Urgent Death Row Dogs of the ACC Shelters in NYC, I found him.


Our Vets, Techs & Their Pets:

This is Brodie. He’s a year-old lab mix and he’s a very lucky dog! Last year he was rescued from a high kill shelter in Arkansas. At the time, he was just a puppy and was anemic and extremely underweight. CUVS Veterinary Technician Assistant (surgery), Shannon, adopted Brodie through Pack Leaders Rescue of Connecticut in August. “It’s been a journey since we got him, getting him back to health, but he’s a happy boy…. he plays hard and sleeps hard every day.” This photo says it all!

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