Meet Biskkit

Meet Biskkit. He came to CUVS recently to see the Ophthalmology Service for suture removal. He had originally developed elevated eye pressure (glaucoma), bleeding, and blindness in his left eye, prompting our ophthalmologist, Dr. Rachel Wynne, to recommend eye removal surgery. Although Biskkit was less energetic at home, it was difficult for his owners to tell whether he was truly in pain. Dr. Wynne explained that elevated eye pressure can cause a headache-like sensation, so patients with glaucoma may not show obvious signs of eye pain such as squinting or rubbing. Since eye removal surgery, Biskkit's owner tells us he is a whole new dog! She thought he was slowing down from old age but he is now back to acting like a young dog again. And look how happy he is! We are so glad to see him feeling so much better.

Biskett the Dog

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