The Story of Henry - and Serendipity

“November 2004. Election day. Philadelphia. I was covering for a colleague at the Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania who was on sabbatical – supervising the ICU. I passed through the busy Emergency Room on my way to the ICU. In the incubator was a badly injured 12-week old orange kitten. He was a stray; brought in by someone who saw him hit by a car a few hours prior. He was in shock and had head trauma resulting in neurologic dysfunction and multiple facial fractures. Given the extent of injury in an unowned kitten, the decision had been to euthanize him. I said I’d take him instead. So, we treated him. His neurologic status improved gradually and surgery was performed to fix his facial fractures. We called him Henry Franklin. Within weeks he was a normal kitten – and, if I may say so - remarkably smart and unusually handsome!

Fast forward 8 years. I meet a superb internist who is visiting CUVS (and I am really hoping to hire). When I introduce myself, she says: I know you – you adopted Henry. Turns out – she was an intern in the ER at the University of Pennsylvania the day Henry came in. She was assigned the task of euthanizing him, but had been procrastinating, hoping for a miracle! That internist – Dr. Megan Morgan.

Today, Henry is the best cat ever – happy, playful and outgoing with everyone. Dr. Morgan works at CUVS. She is Henry’s doctor and his guardian angel.” – Dr. Susan Hackner, CMO & COO

(The first picture of Henry is at 4 months and the picture with Dr. Susan Hackner is Henry at 10 years old.)

Henry at 4 months oldHenry at 10 years


Dr. Megan Morgan is my Mena's doctor, and we love her!

What a wonderful story and exactly what I would expect Dr Hackner to do. I will never forget the care Dr Hackner's gave to my beloved Turpsy over a very long, awful weekend. She is a shining example of the best that veterinary medicine has to offer

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