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Two for One

Our Vets, Techs & Their Pets:
Greta and Eli – Two for One

On a cold January evening in the Bronx, four 2-week old Pit Bull puppies, who were much too young to be separated from their mother, were being sold out of a box on a street corner. All four puppies were rescued by Project Precious Rescue, an organization run by one of our former CUVS Surgery Liasons, Kristy, and fostered by CUVS ER Doctor Rebecca DeCillis, ER Technician Angela, and ER Assistant Tessa. Since the puppies were so young, they initially required bottle feeding every 2 hours and stimulation to urinate and defecate. They were later weaned onto a normal puppy diet. Two of the puppies were adopted to loving homes outside of CUVS, but Greta (black and white) and Eli (brown) won their way into the hearts of Rebecca and Angela and “we just couldn't part with them!” Greta and Eli are now almost two years old! Greta loves hikes in the woods and romping at the park. Eli loves playing with his sister, Louise, a rescued 4lb Chihuahua. What a happy ending!



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