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Enter CUVS Hallowen Pet Costume Contest!

Enter CUVS' Halloween Pet Costume Contest!

pirate dog
"b'ARRRRk mateys. Where be me milkbones?"

We know that all of our facebook and social media followers and pals out there LOVE their pets. You show it time and time again and here's yet another chance to show the world how cute (and silly) your pet can be!

CUVS Improves Quality of Life for Rescued Shelter Dog

Cornell University Veterinary Specialists Improve  Quality of Life for Rescued Shelter Dog 

Two-year old Shepherd receives treatment for chronic nasal condition

CT Scan
Dr. John Broussard of Cornell University Veterinary Specialists in Stamford preps two-year old Ember for her CT scan.

Summer Program

12 Aspiring Veterinarians Receive an Introduction to Specialty Medicine at our 2nd Annual Summer Program


In July, CUVS held its second annual Summer Program for students interested in learning more about veterinary specialty medicine. A group of twelve high school and early college students from Connecticut and New York spent a good portion of each day here with us, learning, observing and getting a deeper look into the world of veterinary specialty medicine.

Thatcher's 8th Birthday



Thatcher the birthday boy.

 Last week the staff here received a surprising, beautiful and DELICIOUS birthday cake from one of our clients. The lovely frosting (it was cream cheese) stated "Happy Birthday Thatcher!" and there was a happy, blue number 8 candle all ready to be lit.

Bear Walks!

Bear Walks!


By Andi Bettencourt


Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA)

Jamie was a 6 and a half week-old puppy when she was first brought to Dr. Chuck Noonan at Animal Doctors of Weston. She was acting normally and seemed to have had no issues in her first weeks of life. Dr. Noonan examined her and listened to her heart only to discover a significant heart murmur that was continuous throughout her heartbeat cycle. Dr. Noonan astutely recognized that this was likely a very significant heart defect that she was likely born with and recommended that Jamie’s mother take her to a veterinary cardiologist.


PennHIP comes to CUVS! 


With our recent addition of Dr. Oli Morgan, VMD, DACVS, we are now certified to screen your dog's hips for early signs of hip dysplasia as well as degenerative joint disease (DJD) using the PennHIP program.

Dr. Oli Morgan joins CUVS

CUVS Welcomes Dr. Oliver Morgan, VMD, DACVS, on board as our new staff surgeon!

Dr. Morgan

As we bid a sad farewell to Dr. Alon Kramer, who has moved back to Portland with his family, we are excited to introduce Dr. Oliver “Oli” Morgan as the newest member of our medical team. We are so lucky to have found a surgeon of his calibur, and his communication skills and core values lend themselves very well to our atmosphere here. We're thrilled to have him on board, and he is undoubtedly a great match for our team here at CUVS!

Wally's Story

Meet Wally and family!


Wally is a 7 year old Pembroke Corgi that was diagnosed with B-Cell Lymphoma in April 2011. We, along with Wally's parents and brother, are so proud to announce that Wally has graduated!

He is finished with his chemotherapy protocol this month and he is still in a complete remission. Wally had virtually no major problems handling his chemotherapy. The protocol we used was co-authored by our own Dr. Gerald Post DVM, MEM, DACVIM.

Best Pet Winner



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