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Rookie's Foreign Body

Rookie Recovery
Rookie waking up from anesthesia.

April 10th Pet Health Education Sessions: CPCR and First Aid for Your Pet

Cornell University Veterinary Specialists is proud to provide pet health educational sessions for owners, starting with our first session:

Red CrossSunday, April 10, 2-3:30 PM
CPCR and First Aid for Your Pet, led by Debbie Glynn, BS, LVT

Human pain relievers are toxic to dogs and cats

This past week we saw a couple cases of ibuprofen toxicity in dogs- one was an intentional dosing of the dog by the owner, and the other was a case of the dog finding the bottle of pills and ingesting them. While these are two very different situations, the end result is the same: two very sick animals. Cats and dogs that ingest ibuprofen (the active ingredient in Advil), acetaminophen (Tylenol) or aspirin experience a wide range of negative effects such as severe vomiting, gastric ulcers, kidney failure, liver failure and, if the animal is not treated medically, death.

Casey's Abdominal Surgery at CUVS

Casey 1

Casey is a mixed-breed spayed female dog owned by Suzanne, who is the Senior Client Service Representative at Bull's Head Pet Hospital. Casey was referred to CUVS from Bull’s Head after Dr. Nolan Zeide diagnosed her with a large abdominal mass, hemo-abdomen and a fever. Casey was admitted to CUVS for observation, supportive care and a further work up under the care of Dr. Rousseau, DVM, DACVIM, DACVECC.

CUVS Featured on Channel 12 CT's Pet Talk TV Show

Dr. Susan Hackner (CMO) and Dr. Mandi Kleman (Cardiology) are interviewed by Lauren Collier on Channel 12 CT's "Pet Talk" TV show about the opening of Cornell University Veterinary Specialists.

Cornell University Veterinary Specialists profiled in the Stamford Advocate

Advocate 1

Check out this great article in the Stamford Advocate which covers CUVS, the services we offer, our high-tech equipment and skilled staff!

Advocate 2


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